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Salesforce and Kipu Integration

Safely integrate both systems using our custom Integration

Built by experts in both systems

Have you ever wondered how you can integrate Salesforce and Kipu? Our company has the solution that you are looking for! Built with top security in mind and using a HIPAA compliant environment, our application provides full access to all the Kipu services available with transactions being processed in real time.

Our service will improve your data flow and you will be able to view all the important information directly in your Salesforce dashboard.

Safe & Reliable

Our application is being used by many facilities around the country because it’s safe, reliable, 100% customizable and the best part is that you have us behind the scenes taking care of everything for you.

Don’t spend time and money with other companies because no one understands the Behavioral Health Industry better than us. With more than 100 clients in our portfolio our team has the intelligence that you are looking for.

What can I synchronize with your integration?

  • Create and Update Patients
  • Attachments
  • Custom PDF
  • Insurance Card
  • Patient Photo
  • Admission
  • Census
  • Appointments
  • Care Levels
  • Consent Forms
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Occupancy
  • Care Team
  • Levels of Care
  • Custom Forms (Raw data)
  • Patient Process
  • UR Notes
  • Diagnosis History
  • Program History
  • Providers
  • Payors
  • Flags
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    Looking for a CRM with an EMR? Meet Antares CRM

    With our custom solution your company will not deal with limitations, outsourcing developers, non real administrators, storage and securities issues because our system was planned, designed and implemented to offer everything that you need in one single solution. From infrastructure, development, analysis and data management our team will help you achieve your goals and through our live chat you can get support in real time. It’s a real live chat with our team (no bots)! Click here to read more about our solution.

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