Have you ever wondered how you can integrate Salesforce and Kipu? Our company has the solution that you are looking for! Built with top security in mind and using a HIPAA compliant environment, our application provides full access to all the Kipu services available with transactions being processed in real time. Our service will improve your data flow and you will be able to view all the important information directly in your Salesforce dashboard.

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Kipu is an American company and they are one of the leading EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software available for Behavioral Health. Their system provides and API (Application Programming Interface) and you can use this service to transfer data to other systems. Because Kipu stores patient data they must comply with the HIPAA protocol and your Salesforce instance must have the shield add-on enabled.

Salesforce is also an American company and they are the leading CRM (Custom Relationship Management) software in the tech industry. Their API provides full access to your instance and by using this service you will be able to integrate your data to any other application.

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