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electronic health records

Electronic Health Records

[ld_spacer][ld_simple_heading]What is an electronic health record?[/ld_simple_heading]

An Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a software designed to substitute the patient’s paper chart. One of the main benefits of an EHR is to provide instant access to your patient’s data in a secure way and to authenticated users only. An EHR is usually built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office. Usually the Electronic Health Records does not contains medical data nor treatment histories of patients but using Antares CRM you can have both systems in one single solution.

[ld_simple_heading]Key features of an EHR[/ld_simple_heading][ld_list use_custom_fonts_list=”true”]Contain patient medical history,Diagnosis,Medications,Treatment plans,Immunization dates,Allergies,Radiology images,Lab and test results[/ld_list][ld_simple_heading]Key benefits of an EHR[/ld_simple_heading][ld_list use_custom_fonts_list=”true”]Improved Patient Care,Increase Patient Participation,Improved Care Coordination,Improved Diagnostics & Patient Outcomes,Practice Efficiencies and Cost Savings[/ld_list][ld_simple_heading]How can we help you?[/ld_simple_heading]

Over the past decade, hospitals and physician offices have been shifting their medical record-keeping from paper to digital. This shift to Electronic Health Records has the potential to make patient care safer, more efficient and improve the care experience by providing easy access to health information.

[ld_simple_heading]How can we help you?[/ld_simple_heading]

Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies around the world and our expertise have delivered an outstanding data flow which is a result of our custom Antares CRM and our amazing team of developers, system analysts and data scientists.

Contact us today to learn more how we can use Antares CRM and implement a custom Electronic Health Records for your company.

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