Meet AntaresCRM

We are a Solutions Company dedicated in solving our client’s problems using Technology and that is one of the reasons why we have built AntaresCRM

What Services can we offer?

Application Development

Depending on our client’s needs the application should be developed from scratch to achieve the company’s expectations and our Development Services team will always deliver the best service.

CRM and ERP Solutions

CRM’s, Business Intelligence, security, intranet and websites these are all crucial applications for any business and we have the most sophisticated solutions to meet your business needs.

Web Hosting

Our company offers on-demand applications stored in one of the most sophisticated private cloud platform. Our services are monitored 24×7, daily backups, encrypted and restricted access defined by our clients. All of our Services are running under HTTPS.

Salesforce Development

Companies no longer look at Salesforce as just a CRM they are looking for a solution that would extend beyond traditional CRM and touch other areas of the business that are an integral part of their Customer Life cycle. We can build any custom development.

About us

DigiTalkis is an American Company focused on IT and creating new web concepts developed on a case to case basis. Our solutions are based on the specific needs identified by our customers. Once we have our customer’s needs, we will build or customize your solutions with features that will make your application 100% useful.

By building or customizing your personal solution with us, your application won’t become obsolete, which in return makes it less expensive. The advantage of using our services is that we make our customers increasingly satisfied with their solutions, our service and the return of a guaranteed success.

Great solutions to a new marketing concept. Discover the difference that DigiTalkis offers to your company.


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