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Built to take your Health Care business to the next level. #CRM #EMR #EHR #HIPAA

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a solutions company.

We are a Solutions Company dedicated in solving our client’s problems using Technology and that is one of the reasons why we have built Antares CRM.

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    Security vs scalability? We have both

    With our custom solution your business will not have to deal with limitations, outsourcing developers, non real administrators, storage and securities issues because our system was planned, designed and implemented by a team of experts in the Health industry.

    customize your unique flow

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    engage with your clients

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    increase your conversion rate

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    Scalable and HIPAA compliant

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    from infrastructure, development, analysis and data management our team will help your company achieve your goals.



    As a partner of many Corporations and Governmental agencies, Digitalkis has more than 100 partners of all sizes across USA and Brazil.

    health care

    behavioral and occupational therapy


    data integration for corporations


    analyze, improve and guide

    leading the best technology team.

    We help our clients succeed by creating solutions that are based on the specific needs identified by our customers. Once we have our customer’s needs, we will build or customize your software with features that will make your application 100% useful.

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    Using the latest technologies and bringing a vast experience in security implemented in governmental agencies, our team has the needs that your company is looking for.

    Our cloud infrastructure is HIPAA compliant which brings an enormous benefit to all of our clients even when they are not storing patient data.

    Antares CRM is cross-platform and using our unique technology your team will not need to spend time using emails to process leads and patients.

    company’s vision

    Investing in the digital future.

    Digitalkis infrastructure allows your business to store, transmit, analyze, and manipulate data in one of safest environments on the internet.

    Secure & HIPAA

    Integrated & Scalable

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